Monday, March 4, 2013

The Floor Journey Continues

 This has defiantly been a journey with the floor. Many Up's and Down's on what to do.
Below you can see all of the wiring that was for the office intercom system for the school.
We had to mark and cut each and everyone... OH WHAT A TANGLE WEB WE WEAVE!!!!
All wires are gone and the hole is covered up.
NOW, to tackle the tiles on the floor.
 The glue that was used to put down the carpet could not be removed to lay the Laminate flooring.  That lead us into a whole bunch of other issues. Which looks like we may not be able to lay the Laminate that we purchased over a year ago. We checked into other options, Vinyl planks which are like laminate flooring only a flexible vinyl and may I say a little more than I wanted to spend on flooring.
We decided to take up all of the tiles and remove the tar from the floor right down to the concrete.
All of the tiles are up and the wonderful tar was ready to be removed.
As you can see below, we put water on the floor to see where the low spots are, so we can fill them in later with self leveling concrete.

Starting to remove the tar

This is what was used to remove the tar;
Mineral Spirits in a spray bottle,
a piece of 2x4 block of wood, rubber squeegee, 4" steel scraper
course bristle brush with a handle
Oil - dry or kitty litter (oil dry is cheaper than kitty litter).
Yep, that is it
Soaking the tar with Mineral Spirits, letting it set for 10 minutes we
scraped up as much as we could.  Spray the area again real good with the mineral spirits and let set for 5 to 10 min. Then use the course brush to scrub the mineral spirits in .
With a lot of elbow grease we used the 2x4 block of wood  rubbing lightly the oil dry in a circular motion to pick up the excess oil.
after we got as much as we could we swept it up and started all over again.

 As you can see the tar is coming up and the concrete is looking pretty good.

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