Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Working on a new Venture

Last Year we purchased two rooms around 1,000 square feet in the Old Middle School on the second floor to move our Studio.
With many Ups and Downs it has been a slow moving process.


West side of the building

South side of the building with some of our windows on the second floor

East side of the building

Here are a few shots of some of the progress.

This is the old Principles office
We had already started to tear down some of the walls. This will be the Shop area with all the fun tools.
The owner of the building was using the rooms so we had to pack his things up before we started.

                                 After the carpet ripped up and the floors finished.... LOVE them
not so lucky in the other room when we ripped up the carpet they had poured concrete to level out the floor after they tore out the staircase in the 50's I believe.
This beautiful Window above the Principles door was partly hidden with the celling and totally covered on both sides with plywood.

some work benches we purchased at a School auction.
took up the carpet in the Principles office cleaned up all of the nasty glue that was on the beautiful wood floors sanded and refinished... beautiful floors.
started to build the room where we have a air handler for all the stinky stuff.
This is the room connected to the shop room where we will display items, have classes and work on product.
West side of the room, on the left side there are two doors... the one on the left is a closet and the one next to it goes to another room that is occupied by a radio station... YEP it get's a little noisy in there when he is playing his music.
We are going to put up a sound barrier wall... Hope it will help.
yep more of the building owners things... all gone now.
on the left side of the picture there is the furnace and air conditioner. Most of the rooms in the school do not have any heat or cooling. WE ARE LUCKY...
Also on the left side there was a intercom system that still worked, but that is gone now.
the old storage room.... someday a Bathroom.

A few of the cabinets we were able to salvage from some of the rooms.

Air handler in one of the Science rooms.


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